Fix Google Duo Not No Longer Working  Duo No Longer Working

Fix Google Duo Not No Longer Working  Duo No Longer Working

How you can Fix Google Duo no longer working – it enables someone to call with quality and in addition it has got the Knock-Knock feature which lets the consumer to determine the live preview before answering the phone call and if it’s not responding it’s possible to go ahead and take actions as below

•           Start the application again – close the application and not just this even close the minimize screen after which reopen exactly the same to make the phone call

•           Check the web connection – it doesn’t matter what operating-system is even if it’s Android, Ios and desktop one should make sure that internet is active through either Wi-Fi or perhaps your mobile data

•           Connect to Wi- Fi Body can choose to connect the unit to Wi-Fi rather of mobile data this should help you to talk over top quality calls

•           Update the application – one must be sure that the new edition has been used and also to check upon exactly the same you will be needed to visit the play store application and if you notice that there’s an update, install exactly the same and will help you solve exactly the same

•           Restart google’s Duo Application -even if you take the steps as above when the problem doesn’t get sorted you will be needed to restart the application if you take the step as below

  o   Continue settings after which click Application after which select Duo and choose Pressure Stop after which open the application again            o   If you’re on iOs device double click home button and swipe on the Duo application after which reopen exactly the same   o   If your are around the desktop click settings under a choice of Google Play Store select Google Play Store then apply for a choice of Manage Android preferences after which do select Apps click Duo and choose, choose Pressure stop after which reopen exactly the same

•           Clear google’s Duo CacheBody can act exactly the same if you take those things as

•           Click on Settings , click Apps and choose All and also the search for the choice Google Duo and choose obvious cache then uninstall Duo and reinstall exactly the same in the Application store

•           Restart the unit Body all of the above actions fail to work for you personally then please switch off the unit after sometime restart the unit.