Get More instagram likes: The Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Likes

Get More instagram likes: The Ultimate Guide to Boost Your Likes

If you want to be successful on social media, then you need to have a ton of followers, and one way to get more followers is by getting more likes. 


The only problem is that it’s not as easy as it sounds, getting likes might seem like the easiest thing in the world, but it actually takes time and effort.  


This can be disappointing if you don’t know what you’re doing and that’s why we created this guide for those who want to better understand why they are not getting enough likes on Instagram and how they can maximize their account on the photo-sharing app. 


Increase your number of likes on Instagram


When people see that you have a lot of likes, they will be more inclined to follow your account, this is because people have a tendency to trust those who are popular and they assume that the more likes an account has, the better the content it will share and the more likable it will be. 


There’s also the fact that getting likes tells Instagram that somebody liked your post and might want to see more posts like it in their feed, which means they are going to be exposed to your profile every time they use Instagram and become familiar with your content. So, if you want more followers on Instagram, then you need to first get more likes on Instagram.  


There are many ways for you to get more instagram likes, but we’ll just go through a few of them, here so you can see which ones make the most sense for your business or personal brand: 


Interact with other accounts: 


The best way is to DM other accounts who have similar interests as yours or like your photos and if you interact enough with their account, eventually they will start liking some of your images as well.  


It can take some time before these start working, but once it does, expect an increase in likes on all of your images. 


Create a diverse selection of posts


This will give people a reason to like you and follow you, and create posts that are pleasing to the eye, with different colors and appealing photos. 




Engage with your audience and create a dialogue


In order to get your desired number of likes, you need to engage with your followers and create a dialogue with them. 


If someone comments on your Instagram post, you should reply and be engaged in a discussion and this will not only make the other person feel valued but will also work to increase the number of likes on your posts. 


You should also comment on other posts that are relevant to yours or post something in response to popular conversations happening on Instagram, this way, people will start following you, become engaged with you, and ultimately like your pictures more as well as, you can also tag users who have similar content as you in an effort to gain a new follower or two. 


Post often, but not too often


The first thing you need to do is post often. You want to post once every few days so that your followers are always wondering what’s going on in your life and they never forget about you, however, don’t over-post, it can be tempting to post a photo every day or multiple times a day, but this is not recommended for Instagram.