Why Android Development may be the Right Career Choice?

Why Android Development may be the Right Career Choice?

Android may be the dominant mobile OS (Operating-system) in India, using more than 94% share of the market. It’s driven with a boost in smartphone and tablet users leading the businesses to construct more feature-wealthy applications for his or her audience.

If you wish to pursue a job in Android development, continue reading, as here’s an introduction to the Android ecosystem combined with the possibilities and future scope of mobile application development.

Exactly What Does an Android Developer Do?

Android developers perform a number of tasks. From designing & building advanced applications to troubleshooting & fixing issues within the new and existing apps, their job role includes many such responsibilities.

For any smooth workflow, developers get proficiency when controling various tools & IDEs. It offers:

•           Android Software Development Package (SDK)

•           Android Studio by Google (official IDE to build up apps)

•           IDEs for example NetBeans, Eclipse, and much more

•           Delphi, CoronaSDK, Basic4Android, along with other third-party tools

•           Programming languages like Java, Kotlin, C/C  , and much more

Why Android Development like a Career is the best choice

Android is leading not just the Indian market but the global mobile OS market, as above 72% of smartphones operate on the Android operating-system worldwide today.

Below are the potential benefits of selecting the profession in this subject:

1. Open-Source

Android SDK is free of charge to download and possesses no licensing charges. Also, developers may use the origin code available with the community platform for developing robust applications.

2. Developer Friendly

Android apps are highly adaptive and may have a variety of choices to personalize UI/UX. It enables developers to produce suggested apps for companies while making deadlines and budgets.

3. Versatile Platform

Aside from smartphones, supported devices for example wearables, televisions, and much more can operate on the Android Operating System. Which means apps aren’t restricted to be produced for mobile users only, along with a vibrant scope of penetrating other markets exists.

Android Helps Companies to develop Tremendously

Many smartphone brands around the world have acquired immense recognition after adopting Android because the mobile operating-system.

For example, right after the launch from the first Android phone in ’09, Samsung generated huge revenues when compared with other mobile giants, including Nokia, BlackBerry, and much more.

A few of the primary reasons for the prosperity of Android-powered companies are:

•           Low investment & high Return on investment

•           Multiple sales channels

•           Intuitive interface

•           Easy adoption, and much more

Therefore, many brands are embracing build & launch Android-based smartphones on the market.

Job Possibilities for Android Developers

India is a big IT hub for globally famous companies. It offers Google, Facebook, Uber, and much more. They continuously assess & select expert professionals for his or her various application development projects.

Besides, the magnified interest in mobile phone applications has brought organizations to employ increasingly more developers to satisfy the necessity. Each application introduced around the Play Store gives stiff competition to other people, which creates enormous possibilities for developers to apply their ideas within the application features.

Android developers could possibly get handsome pay too. Based on Glassdoor, the typical earnings of an Android developer is ¹4.5L per year in India by April 2020. Using the needed talent and expertise, they are able to earn even greater earnings from diverse organizations.

Future Scope of Android Development

To summarize, the IT industry has offered a great career potential in Android development. And, chances are it will remain a good job profile for that mobile application developers for years to come.

If you wish to boost the understanding and skills for building efficient apps , you are able to join an Android application development course. It can benefit comprehend the technical know-how you can address real-world industry challenges.