KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger

KeyGrabber Forensic Keylogger

The KeyGrabber Measurable Keylogger is really a record-breaking USB keylogger so far as size, console similarity, and price. It gauges just .4″ (10 mm) lengthy, and could be become to like a USB streak drive for moment information recovery. It’s with a lengthy shot probably the most scaled lower and careful equipment keylogger accessible available. Totally straightforward for PC activity, can not be identified by PC programming. The KeyGrabber Scientific equipment keylogger highlights a contemporary FPGA nick having a 32X oversampling calculation, which makes it good with an array of USB consoles and standardized tag perusers. It’s likewise a propelled infiltration testing device, by having an natural scripting language.


•           Just .4″ (10 mm) since a long time ago, scaled lower and careful

•           Perfect with all of USB consoles, including USB 3.

•           Modern USB outline catch calculation with 32X oversampling

•           Doesn’t drop keystrokes, perfect with all of USB topologies

•           16 megabytes labored in memory, likeness years-price of creating

•           Changes to streak drive mode by having an remarkable key blend

•           Available like a USB removable drive for moment information recovery

•           Memory ensured with solid 128-piece file encryption

•           Simple to create having a fundamental book document

•           No Wi-Fi and remote impression, does not leave follows in arrange condition

•           Works with standardized tag scanners, including quick key stroke age modes

•           No product, motorists or setup needed, works from the container

•           Great tough fenced-in area

•           Backing for various console formats

•           KeyGrabber Measurable Keylogger

Pro and Max version:

•           Works like a keylogger, functions as a HID key stroke generator

•           Advanced transmission-testing tool

•           Auto-generated text menu, simplifying use of log and configuration

•           Runs key stroke generation schemes from script files

•           Built-in scripting language interpreter

Max version:

•           16 gigabytes memory


•           Observe World wide web, E-mail & chat usage by children and employees

•           Monitor worker productivity

•           Protect your son or daughter from on-line hazards and predators

•           Save a duplicate of typed text

•           Penetration testing

•           Keystroke generation macros & scripts

•…and many more, see key stroke recorder benefits

Record-breaking size

The KeyGrabber Scientific Keylogger is anticipated to become a specialist security and reconnaissance device. The record-breaking size simply .4″ (10mm) guarantees full circumspection and limits the possibility of introduction. This equipment keylogger may be the stopping point so far as structure factor scaling lower, because the dimensions are just restricted through the physical aspects of the USB attachment and fitting.


Inactively checking a USB transport for keystrokes is really a perplexing assignment, and also the KeyGrabber Legal Keylogger performs this better than another arrangement available. The KeyGrabber Measurable Keylogger executes a 32X waveform oversampling calculation determined by a contemporary FPGA nick. This will make it a high-performer so far as dependability, having a zero character drop-rate. It really works with remote consoles (barring some Bluetooth models), console with incorporated center points, and an array of standardized tag scanners (counting individuals having a quick key stroke age speed).


The KeyGrabber Measurable Keylogger is really as easy to use because the whole of it’s forerunners within the KeyGrabber family, being hits since 2005. This equipment keylogger calculates-of-the-container by essentially stopping it inline between your console and USB attachment. Dealing with information requires squeezing a predefined key-blend known distinctively towards the proprietor. The KeyGrabber Measurable Keylogger has a few models fluctuating by memory limit, anyway the section level 16 megabyte rendition is really a likeness lengthy periods of creating.


The KeyGrabber Legal Keylogger is really as secretive being an equipment keylogger could possibly get. It leaves no follows around the objective PC, and does not spread anything within the nearby Wi-Fi condition. It fills in like a uninvolved USB-tap gadget, and does not show up on the rundown of USB gadgets or utilize any motorists. In this manner it cannot be recognized by security and hostile to infection programming.

The Expert adaptation advantage

The Expert adaptation is really a multi-employment and pen-testing gadget. It fills in like a keylogger, yet can likewise be altered to key stroke age mode. Being employed as a Hidden gadget it can create a book menu, making use of memory and setup alternatives progressively useful. In almost any situation, it may likewise run key stroke-infusion contents due to a key stroke parser determined by a fundamental scripting language. This will make it a perfect entrance testing instrument , consolidating the effectiveness of the equipment keylogger and Hidden injector inside a solitary smooth gadget.