What’s AirDrive Forensic Keylogger?

What’s AirDrive Forensic Keylogger?

Redefining the word keylogger

The AirDrive Forensic Keylogger is definitely an innovative ultra-small USB hardware keylogger, only .4″ (10 mm) long. It may be utilized with any Wi-Fi device like a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It’s the tiniest hardware keylogger in the marketplace, which makes it an expert surveillance and security tool.

The AirDrive Forensic Keylogger Pro is definitely an enhanced form of the AirDrive Forensic Keylogger, with a lot more connectivity options. It really works both like a Wi-Fi hotspot, so that as a Wi-Fi device, enabling features for example Email reports, time-rubber stamping, and knowledge streaming.


•           Records keystrokes from the USB keyboard

•           Smallest hardware keylogger available on the market, only .4″ (10 mm) lengthy

•           16MB internal flash memory

•           100% stealthy, undetectable for security software

•           Supports over 40 national keyboard layouts

•           Compatible with bar code readers

•           Works like a Wi-Fi hotspot

•           Connect from the computer, smartphone, or tablet

•           Access data from internet browser, no software or application necessary

•           Retrieve data remotely without touching the unit

•           Simple and obvious World wide web interface

•           Supports WEP, WPA, and WPA-2 network security

•           Memory paid by hardware file encryption

Pro version:

•           Works like a Wi-Fi hotspot, or like a Wi-Fi device

•           Sends Email reports with recorded key stroke data

•           Supports time-rubber stamping

•           Supports live data streaming over network


•           Observe World wide web, E-mail & chat usage by children and employees

•           Monitor worker productivity

•           Protect your son or daughter from on-line hazards and predators

•           Save a duplicate of typed text

•…and many more, see key stroke recorder benefits



Dimensions are an unquestionable advantage in surveillance, security, and forensic applying hardware keyloggers. With .4″ (10 mm) long, the AirDrive Forensic Keylogger may be the tiniest hardware keyloggers in the marketplace!

Quick access

All AirDrive devices behave as Wi-Fi hotspots. You are able to connect with all of them with any Wi-Fi device, like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop without touching the unit! The AirDrive device will present a website using the data log and configuration options. No additional software or motorists necessary.


The AirDrive Keylogger household is compatible with lots of different USB keyboards and bar code readers. Just connect the keylogger in-line using the keyboard , and all sorts of key stroke data is going to be recorded. The keylogger is 100% stealthy and doesn’t pop-as a method device.